Join Uschi & Jaina Portwood for a once in a lifetime adventure to Egypt in 2024!

Here are the highlights of our day by day plan:
  • White glove service upon arrival in Cairo to steward you through the visa process and into your hotel transfer
  • View of the pyramids from our hotel in Cairo
  • Opening ritual in The Great Pyramid of Giza with private access for our group only
  • Tour of the Karnak Temple & Private time for our group in Goddess Sekhmet's Sanctuary
  • Visiting the Temple of Goddess Hathor at Dendera
  • Visit the tomb of Queen Hatsheput the only female Pharaoh buried in the Valley of The Kings
  • Board a Luxury Dahabiya reserved for our group, for a 4 night cruise
  • Exploring the Nubian culture of Aswan connecting in with locals through music, crafts, and cuisine
  • Visit the Temple of Isis at Philae
  • Experience the Kom Ombo Temple of Sobek, the Crocodile God
  • Yoga Asana, Yogini Movement , and Meditation sessions with Jaina & Uschi throughout (daily, sometimes twice)
  • Discourses from our Egyptian guide Rabie Khaled who is a Kemetologist & Egyptologist
  • Shopping opportunities for local crafts throughout the itinerary
  • Transfer service to Cairo Airport and through security upon your departure
Connect with us for more details & pricing on this incredible adventure!