Working since 2008, LuckyUschi's production brings women together to work in a supportive, trusting, community. Members of our all women production team co create unique designs that are made with love and confidence. The funds each woman earns through her work allow her to participate in supporting her family, and to be a strong and independent member of the local economy.

Our production is small-which keeps our line small & sweet, so our customers keep coming back to our sales for new beautiful pieces. We also believe in a concious production model that considers our Mother Earth. All of our garments are produced from small handwoven runs of fabric, or mass production remnants. What pieces may be left over we sew into kids shirts & pants, or bags to package our garments in!

LuckyUschi's profits are shared back into the community to support the ongoing growth of this work, as well as enriching the local environment. Our mission is to keep expanding our work and supporting the growth of this beautiful community of women.

LuckyUschi is an ongoing sponsor of local projects in Sarai Mohana. In partnership with local initiative Project Sarai Mohana, we have sponsored murals to promote beautification and education within the locale, as other projects and initiatives to support the development of the community. See more on @projectsaraimohana Instagram page and website