​Working since 2008, LuckyUschi's production brings women together to engage in work within a supportive, trusting, community. Members of our women led production co create unique designs that are made with love and confidence. The funds each woman generates through her work allow her to participate in supporting her family, and to become a strong and independent member of the local economy.

Our production is small-we work using manufacturers remnants. This keeps our line small & sweet, so our customers keep coming back to our sales for new beautiful pieces. We also believe in no waste, so using up these discards, and designing something gorgeous out them, achieves the vintage bohemian aesthetic we LOVE. 

LuckyUschi's profits are shared back into the community to support the ongoing growth of this work. 

We recently co sponsored a mural project in Sarai Mohana with our dear friend Dana Flynn of Lauging Lotus Yoga Studio in NYC, USA. Bringing women to the center of the village, and into public to show their importance and potential, the 'Lotus of The Mind' mural was painted by Raj Sahani and his team. Bursting color, joy, and laughter into village center, this embodies the intention of our work.